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Working remotely is a requirement for many people in today's environment, especially with concerns about things like the Coronavirus. Office 365 applications, such as Microsoft Teams, are good alternatives for meeting this need rapidly. Microsoft Teams promotes a safe and collaborative environment to assist organisations in being more efficient at work.

Microsoft Teams promotes a safe and collaborative environment to assist organisations in being more efficient at work. Your clients may boost employee productivity and satisfaction and establish more seamless communication and collaboration across locations and platforms by leveraging Microsoft Modern Workplace products In Dubai, UAE.


FTEB TECH - Microsoft Teams provides immersive experiences that can help you and your employees operate more efficiently across their business and stay connected no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Teams serve as a hub for teamwork by implementing meetings, calling, and devices. Meeting services, meeting rooms, and telephony are increasingly being integrated into a cohesive collaboration and communication solution for customers. Furthermore, current Skype for Business accounts can be migrated to Teams. Another area where Microsoft Teams excels is security. You will always have access to cutting-edge security and compliance capabilities. We understand the importance of developing efficient and technology-driven modern workplace solutions.

Your information is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Teams is prepared to meet your compliance and governance needs with over 175 security certificates. Teams is also a component of Microsoft's global network of data centres, which is supposed to feature an open operational approach. Your Team's account is created in Office 365 and maintained through the admin console.

While most conversations take place within channels, Teams also allows you to add Tabs to other assets. You can link to various items such as documents, a SharePoint site, an external website, or a Power BI report, among others. Tabs are displayed at the top navigation of each Channel once they have been added.

Microsoft Modern Workplace Solutions

Transform your Company in Dubai, UAE, into a Dynamic Hub with our Consulting Solutions

As the top workplace consulting solutions company, we offer advanced tools for real-time collaboration, document sharing, virtual meetings, etc. Our cloud consultancy will help you embrace cloud technology for secure storage and enhanced data protection.

The main focus of our consulting solutions company is to boost the productivity of your organisation. Our dedicated consultancy team aims to equip your company with advanced tools. As the best workplace solutions and consulting service provider, we focus on creating a user-friendly digital workplace.

Importance Of Companies Needing a Workplace Solutions Consultancy Provider

Companies need a modern workplace consultancy provider to adapt to the ever-evolving digital workplace. With FTEB TECH DUBAI, UAE, you can boost employee collaboration and boost productivity.

Benefits That A Workplace Consulting Provider Offers Companies

With a workplace consulting provider like FTEB TECH, companies can streamline their operations. We can help you optimise your workflows and improve employee engagement.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Modern Workplace Consulting Service

While selecting a modern workplace consulting service provider, consider parameters like their experience and successful track rcord. Reach out to us to know how our consultancy can help you digitalise your workforce.