Data Analytics Services Dubai, UAE

Our reporting, analytics, and data visualisation services will assist you in maximising the value of your data and generating insights that drive action. To assist you in transforming your data management and business intelligence functions, our analytics services target specific needs in analytics, data visualisation, and reporting. We will tailor our solution to your needs and objectives by utilising the best personnel and technologies available in Dubai, UAE.

Data Analytics Dubai

Strategic Business Intelligence Consulting in Dubai, UAE

We identify the KPIs that are relevant to your business, and industry, and, more particularly, the KPIs involved in your project with you. We shall set explicit ownership and governance norms. Then we make sense of it, transforming data into actionable information that leads to better decisions and satisfied customers in Dubai and across UAE.

Data Analytics Companies

Designing and Creating a Dashboard

We create and design the dashboard and deliver the most insightful information to your business on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. We employ best practices that include data governance and transformation while maintaining consistently high-quality reporting that tells the story of your organisation’s progress: whether you are in retail, finance, or manufacturing.

Data Analytics

Customer Analytics
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Customer Analytics

Analyze customer data to uncover hidden opportunities to boost loyalty, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

People analytics
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People analytics

One of your most valuable assets is your workforce. Data analytics aids in lowering attrition, forecasting performance, and increasing employee engagement and happiness.

Sales analytics
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Sales analytics

By evaluating sales data and identifying up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, you can assist your sales staff in exceeding its targets.

Data Visualization

Visualization Of Data

  • Data visualisation is one of the most often requested services by clients from various industries and enterprises.
  • Everyone requires a dashboard to visualise their performance, whether they are a team of 5 or 5000.
  • FTEB TECH specialises in creating visually beautiful and informative dashboards.
  • We collect data from any source and store it in a single data warehouse, where it is shown using dashboards.
  • We can handle all of your data visualisation needs, whether you require a comprehensive reporting and data visualisation solution or just more resources to support your in-house team in Dubai, UAE.
  • We specialise in dashboard development utilising Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and Tableau. Our data analytics consulting solutions are suitable for companies who want to navigate the complexity of data. FTEB TECH aims to scale your company’s analytics to the next level.

Services For Training

  • Power comes from the knowledge! Upskill yourself and your team to compete in a data-driven world.
  • We tailor our instruction because we understand that one size does not suit all. Training is provided remotely through a web conference.
  • Our data analytics consulting solutions aim to design visually appealing dashboards that allow you to explore data intuitively.
  • To learn how our consulting solutions on data analytics can help in Dubai, UAE, reach out to us.

Regular Data Analysis

If You Want To:
  • Have massive amounts of raw data mined for useful insights.
  • Get analytics results in a variety of formats (reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, etc.) on a consistent basis.
  • Benefit from many sorts of analysis (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and so on).
  • Consider contracting out data analysis to us on a monthly subscription basis.

One-time Data Analysis

If You are:
  • Looking for a quick solution to the most critical problem.
  • Not seeking a commitment that would last a long time.
  • We provide a one-time data analysis service for a set fee.

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1. Expertise

10+ years of experience in BI and data services

2. Consultants

An expert team of Microsoft Power BI consultants.

3. Insights

Connected several data sources to show real-time insights.

4. Integration

Integrated enterprise systems for easy sharing and viewing across all devices.

5. Reports

Built proven proof-of-concept dashboards with exceptional visualizations and usability for different industry verticals.

6. Support

24/7 support for all type of technical and application.

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Companies Benefit from your Data Analytics Services

Your company can benefit from our data analytics services in numerous ways. We leverage predictive modelling and historical data to help you forecast future trends.

Data Analytics Consulting Solutions Based on Data Mining

Our data analytics consulting solutions for Dubai & UAE companies are based on data mining. Our company leverages data mining to derive valuable knowledge and patterns from large data sets.

Kind of Businesses can Benefit from Your Data Analytics Services

All types of businesses can benefit from our data analytics services. Our company offers end-to-end data analytics to help businesses optimise their supply chain.